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Senior Network Planning & Optimization Engineer

posted Sep 3, 2015, 1:08 AM by Unknown user

Location: Sweden / Stockholm
Position Type: Contract or Permanent  

· High-end market 3G/4G wireless network layout 

· High-end market wireless network optimization 

· Providing E2E user experience improvement solution 

· Equality-based dialogue with senior technical experts of large telecom operators 

· Proficient in radio propagation theories 

· Above 8 years' experience on network layout and optimization 

· Known well of WCDMA/LTE working principles and protocols, capable of providing end-to-end solutions 

· Good grasp of the industry's leading network layout methods, possessing actual network layout experience 

· Good grasp of the industry's leading network optimization methods, capable of providing forward-looking suggestions on product performance 

· Known of other vendor's high-end network optimization flow, method and tool is preferential 

· Possessing sound communication capability and skills, capable of leading the team group to achieve network optimization targets 

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