Service Software Engineer

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Service Software Engineer needed for a contract opportunity with Yoh's client located in Plano Texas.
Top Skills You Should Possess:
- Charging Systems
What You'll Be Doing:
- Responsible for the operations and maintenance of complex customer systems and applications.
- Create and Maintain a stable, efficient, and optimal reporting environment.
- Recommend techniques to improve reporting performance.
- Performing O&M Health checks of MM, Data warehouse system (CRS), Green Plum and reporting environment and making sure it is up-to-date with all the corrections and patches.
- Must ensure all the data loads and batch jobs are completed properly and have integrity every day.
- Support Customers on their problems related to EMM, CRS and its reports.
- Assist Solution Department with technical knowledge of CRS and the whole reporting environment.
- Validation and analysis of Month-End data for customers and making sure all the reports and interfaces are available to them all the time.
- Resolve Trouble Tickets and Change Requests for Reporting
- Provide Customer Support.

What You Need to Bring to the Table:
- Business: Accountable, Customer Oriented Customer Relationship Skills, Ericsson Knowledge, and Risk & Changes/Negotiation.
- Human/Relationship: Acts with Integrity, Adaptable/Flexible, Builds Relationships, Communicates Effectively, Influences Others, Leadership Skills, Positive Attitude, Promotes Empowerment, and Provides Feedback.
- Operations: Change Management, Execution Driven, Operational Efficiency, Performance Oriented and Process Management. 
- Performing O&M Health checks of MM, Data warehouse system (CRS) & Reporting.
- Must have good understanding of storage systems from different vendors like EMC, Oracle, HP.
- Must have experience in maintaining Oracle SUN Servers.
- Broad knowledge of Ericsson products and systems and most importantly Ericsson Charging System.
- Must have good knowledge of databases like Oracle, Greenplum, Postgres.
- Experience in SQL, Perl, Shell Scripting.
- Good knowledge of UNIX and Linux

Apply: ASAP 

Principle Wireless Algorithm & Protocol Engineer, Microwave backhaul

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Position Type:  
Permanent / Contract

You are expert in Microwave protocol, baseband receiving algorithm, Digital IF algorithms (such as pre-distortion algorithms) expert.


  • Develop Algorithm of the baseband modulator/demodulator for Microwave & RF Backhaul/Access products. 
  • R&D experiences in microwave protocol & baseband signal processing algorithms 
  • Responsible for system algorithm design and simulation. 
  • Plan for Algorithm implementation and optimization in integrated circuits. 
  • Work on FPGA simulation and system verification 
  • Work closely with HW/SW engineers to verify the algorithm in hardware platform. 


  • More than 10 years experience on microwave backhaul algorithm design. 
  • Proficient in digital signal processing, synchronization in digital communications, DPLL design, etc. 
  • Good knowledge of wireless communications. 
  • Proficient in ANSI C and simulation tools, such as Matlab, etc. 
  • Bachelor or higher degree in electrical engineering. 
  • Fluent in spoken and written English. 
  • Sensitive insight on novel technique and development trend. 
  • Excellent communication and working skills in multi-cultural team environment. 
  • The ability to develop and prove innovative solutions. 

 Please send us a copy of your CV in MS Word format , in English to cv[at] 
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Principle System Engineer, Microwave & RF Backhaul / Access

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Position Type:  
Permanent / Contract

You are Microwave RF expert who have developed up to 38GHz commercial Microwave mobile backhaul product


  • Design and develop microwave & RF Backhaul / Access systems up to 40 GHz, including the system architecture, high level specifications requirements, key MMICs and sub-system chipset solution evaluation. 
  • Work with team in headquarters on module design, debug, integration, and troubleshooting. 
  • Focus on quality and yield related issues during the mass production including design method, integration, testing and components consistency, etc. 
  • Work on advanced microwave & RF technology research and development.  


  • More than 10 years experience on microwave & RF products up to 40GHz. 
  • In-depth knowledge of microwave digital radio design and development, communication theory and practices (E1, T1, SDH, PDH, Ethernet, Etc). 
  • Familiar with ETSI and FCC regulatory requirements 
  • Excellent hands-on experience in developing microwave & RF products and  experiments to find out the best balanced design on cost, high-volume, and performance. 
  • Proficient in digital radio test methods and use of test equipment Excellent experience on volume production quality and yield related issues in the design, including assembling, testing and components consistency. 
  • Sensitive insight on novel technique and development trend. 
  • Ability to develop and prove innovative solutions. 
  • Master degree plus in Electrical Engineering. 
  • Fluent in spoken and written English 
  • Excellent communication and working skills in multi-cultural team environment. 
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DPD Digital Pre-Distortion - Expert

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Position: Contract 12- 24 month / Permanent 
Location: Sweden

!!!! For this position, DPD algorithm Expert, the candidate we are seeking is the DPD algorithm engineer who developed the algorithms. !!!!!

Job Description:
Principal engineer for the development of digital power amplifier linearization algorithms. Also known as digital pre-distortion algorithms.

  • Research and develop next generation DPD algorithms operating on wide bandwidths, with extreme performance requirements, and/or over multiple TX bands.
  • Create new power amplifier models which take into account transient effects of changing input signals.
  • Assist the implementation team in creating the final commercial product.

Candidate required skills:
  • Must have experience with non-linear systems.
  • MS/PhD in engineering or equivalent
  • Strong verbal and written English skills so as to create detailed technical reports to be sent to the implementation group.
  • Must be able to communicate via email and telephone with development teams spread across multiple locations.
  • Able to assist the ASIC department in architecting an ASIC to implement DPD algorithms.

Candidate desired (but optional) skills:
  • Experience with Volterra-Wiener systems.
  • Prior experience with analog or digital linearization of power amplifiers.
  • Prior experience in the wireless infrastructure industry (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WiMax, etc.)
  • Familiar with digital transmitters including digital IF, clipping/ crest factor reduction (CFR).

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Senior Network Planning & Optimization Engineer

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Location: Sweden / Stockholm
Position Type: Contract or Permanent  

· High-end market 3G/4G wireless network layout 

· High-end market wireless network optimization 

· Providing E2E user experience improvement solution 

· Equality-based dialogue with senior technical experts of large telecom operators 

· Proficient in radio propagation theories 

· Above 8 years' experience on network layout and optimization 

· Known well of WCDMA/LTE working principles and protocols, capable of providing end-to-end solutions 

· Good grasp of the industry's leading network layout methods, possessing actual network layout experience 

· Good grasp of the industry's leading network optimization methods, capable of providing forward-looking suggestions on product performance 

· Known of other vendor's high-end network optimization flow, method and tool is preferential 

· Possessing sound communication capability and skills, capable of leading the team group to achieve network optimization targets 

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Senior RF power amplifier engineer

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Location: Sweden / Stockholm
Position Type: Contract or Permanent

· To communicate with operators and decide RF solutions for WCDMA/GSM commercial network deployment 

· Lead and guide WCDMA/GSM transceiver, RF front-end and RF engineering design 

· Responsible for RF amplifier new technology research and convert technology to general design, summarize and submit research report regularly. 

· Responsible for key RF amplifier product project and detail design 

· Deep research on efficient, high linearity, wide band frequency technology to upgrade core-competitiveness of design. 

· Above 6 years excellent experience in RF power amplifier in wireless telecommunication and have record of successful project developing 

· Have especial experience in high efficiency, high linearity, wideband RF power amplifier, for example Doherty, ET, EER, SMPA, GaN, HVHBT. 

· Knowledge and Understanding about RF memory effect , relationship between VBW and signal bandwidth , AM/AM, AM/PM , wide signal bandwidth , wide RF bandwidth 

· Excellent experience in RF power amplifier simulation and have record of successful practice 

· Sensitive insight on novel technique and development trend. 

· Rich experience on transceiver design, preferable to have experience on GSM, WCDMA transceiver design; 

· Rich experience on LNA, Repeater design, preferable to have RF front-end design experience for GSM, WCDMA 

· Excellent communication and work skills in multi-cultural team environment. 

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R&D Senior Radio Designer

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You have wide knowledge of Radio Network products and radio design environment and methodologies used within R&D Centers.!

You will be responsible for design, verification and documentation of RF parts such as Low Noice Amplifiers, impedance match and couplers in both existing and future Radio products.

The work requires a tight cooperation with subsystem design, filter-, digital-, DC/DC- and layout- designers as well as component engineers and subsystem verification.

NMP (Network Management Protocol) Planning Director

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Position: NMP Planning Director
Location: Sweden 
Position Type: Permanent

Key Responsibilities

  • Obtain network management demands, market situation, and development trends of high-end operators via market research, customer communication, technical support, and by learning from fully-grown network management products 
  • Handle, maintain, analyze network management demands and by combining them to our company situation, make the product development plans from the market and competitors perspectives
  • Responsible for making comprehensive solutions for our company’s network management products and ensure industry-leading competitiveness for them
  • Gather, dig, analyze product information from competitors specially the industry's leading manufacturers, and give our network management product competitiveness proposals & reports
  • Participate in events organized by major telecom organizations/associations, report the network management development trends and make our company’s network management product plans based on this
  • Make medium and long-term plans for our network management products

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Deep understanding of TOM, eTOM and NGOSS telecom network operation processes and methods
  • Deep understanding of working methods and standards specified by all mainstream telecom organizations such as TMF, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and ITU
  • At least 8 years of work experience in the field of network management, very familiar with the mainstream network management systems, and has planned & designed at least one of them
  • Excellent essay/PPT writing ability and presentation skills 
  • Excellent teamwork skills


CV In English and MS Word Format.

Senior Director CDMA/LTE International Marketing

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Working Location: Sweden / Stockholm

Travel Expectation: 50%  

Position Type: Permanent 

Develop marketing strategies and identify business opportunities, Build high level customer relationship, Give speech on high level forum,Obtain the key requirements of customers.

Jobs Description:
  1. In charge of CDMA / LTE marketing requirements and competition analysis; analyze customer requirements and project feasibility, and supports product planning and solution-making.
  2. To participate in marketing project promotion, conduct in-depth technical  discussion and technical communication with high level customers; establish relationship with high level of Tier-1 operators; obtain key requirements and their development trends.                                                                                                                                                   
  3. To analyze the development trends of industry chain and product technology, operator service development strategy and technical requirements; explore the market opportunities and plan the comprehensive solutions for customers.
  4. In charge of high level forum presentations.

Essential Skills and Experience

  1. Product knowledge and technical skills: Proficient in at least one wireless products and skills ( LTE/WiMAX/UMTS/TD-SCDMA/CDMA/GSM); familiar with CDMA/LTE protocols and person skilled in LTE products is preferred.                                                                                           
  2. Information screening and handling capability: conduct comprehensive analysis of various information and have macro vision.
  3. Language skills: Excellent oral, written and presentation skills; French, German,  Spanish or other bilingual speaker is preferred.
  4. Computer skills: common system; skilled in OFFICE and other tools.
  5. Teamwork and management skills
Working Experience

  1. At least 5 years R&D working experience in wireless fields; familiar with CDMA or LTE protocols and can provide comprehensive network solution. 
  2. At least 3 years  marketing experience and experienced in large project operations.
  3. Participated in in-depth technical discussion and communication with standard organizations and technical forums as technical team leader. 
  4. Clear minds and good verbal  skills; excellent  interpersonal communication  and negotiation capabilities.                                                
  5. Have good organization, coordination and teamwork spirits; willing to share knowledge and being innovative.

Send a copy of your CV in English in MS Word format to:

Interim Manager for VP Technology (CTO)

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Location: Russia
Position Type: Temp to Permanent  (Duration would be for 12 month beginning in June.)
Salary: Neg.

Our client is a major Russian Operator providing telco services to its customers based on a nationwide network, as, e.g.
  1. Carrier -Services Transport (Wholesale)
  2. Transport services Corporate
  3. Broadband Access in several regions of Russia for mass market / residential

Skills Requirement:
The candidate should be a business minded senior executive with vast experience in the area
of technical management from a large European telco company

Because of the business model of our client we prefer in particular our candidate to have:
  • Experience in management on executive positions of large European Telco's (Size: Sales of 1 bln USD +)
  • Vast experience in working on executive level and communicating with shareholder and investors representatives
  • Experience in backbone technology and operation
  • Experience in Wide Area Networks
  • Excellent analytical and communicative capabilities
  • Excellent structural Problem solving competency
  • Excellent negotiation skills

  • Plan, develop, and execute strategies to ensure the fast, timely and cost-effective establishment of the networks and platforms in line with the business strategy
  • Negotiations with shareholders and potential investors
  • Making binding decisions on behalf of the customer
  • Definition and implementation of processes in line with business requirements
  • Planning and implementation of new technology according to customer demand and in line with the Business Plan
  • Responsibility for network/service and IT development: Issuing and evaluating related technical parts of RfPs, technical procurement, vendor negotiation and contracting, technical roll-out and launch
  • Guide technical planning and implementation of necessary BSS and OSS Systems
  • Provide leadership to the related technical departments of as e.g. Project
  • Management, Operations & Performance, Field Service / Delivery, including the respective planning and operational responsibilities
  • Contribute to a company-wide reporting system to ensure optimal co-operation and control
  • Within the overall budget: Prepare budgets and manage finances of the technical departments
  • Contribute to a corporate culture which supports the achievement of ambitious goals and fosters effective co-operation
  • Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board of Directors
  • Reports to the Board of Directors

APPLY: By sending a copy of your CV in English and in MS Word format to : 

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