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Simplify your consultancy management

Companies are taking on more and more consultants. This could be due to fluctuations in the economy, increasing activity, temporary staff shortages or the need for a qualified and specialized, temporary workforce. At the same time, you want to engage as few providers as possible. With ESFAB, you not only gain access to the entire consultancy market but also to effective consultancy management. From individual deliveries to your entire consultancy needs.

Access to a wider offering.

As a customer of ESFAB you can access an offering that is almost impossible to grasp as an individual consultancy procurer. At the current time we have over 65,000 registered consultants. These are mainly in IT, telecoms, technology and business development. But it does not stop there. We have working relationships with all consultants in the market. Foreign consultants too. This network and our unique range of skills is one of ESFAB's real strengths. We are able to quickly identify the right consultant for your assignment.

Fully objective selection
One of the cornerstones of ESFAB's philosophy is objectivity. Without our own in-house consultants or partners who take precedence, we can always cherry pick the skills that are best suited for the task at hand. This gives all consultancy firms the same opportunity of competing for the assignments. Regardless of size. This objective selection is the foundation of our entire quality mindset and serves as
a guarantee to you as a customer in every consultancy package.

Reduce the number of providers.
It is not uncommon for the number of providers to grow at companies as the proportion of consultants rises. One effect of using ESFAB is that it coordinates the procurement of consultants. You can reduce the number of providers in this way while still ensuring the availability of specific skills. Additionally, you will enjoy better control and automatically ensure effective management.

Efficient administration.
Hiring the right consultant can take time. This includes the time spent internally before, during and after an assignment. Here ESFAB makes a big difference. We have over 5,000 consultants on assignment. A volume that requires processes, tools and an organization that is adapted accordingly. We manage the entire procurement of consultants and this includes billing and contracts. The result is increased efficiency and significant time savings.