Why Working with ESFAB Telecom 

1: The value in time.
Our concept is based on a simple insight: Instead of you spending a lot of time on procuring and managing consultants, we will take care of it for you. We manage the entire procurement of consultants and this includes billing and contracts. The result is simplified administration, increased efficiency and significant time savings. Internal measurements show that, on average, customers save 45 percent of their time spent on managing consultants.

2: The value of money.
Consultancy providers are becoming more and more a niche market, which naturally mirrors the rising demand for flexible work. eWork helps to create transparency and comparability. It enhances competition among consultants and creates greater opportunities. For everyone. This also forms the basis for why ESFAB always offers expertise at a market price. We supply consultants 10 that are percent cheaper than in comparable cases where the customer has found and engaged consultants by itself.

3: The value in quality.
The financial aspect is an important element when procuring consultants. But our experience has taught us the importance of looking at the whole picture and not just the hourly rate. Some consultants with special expertise and experience may charge a higher hourly rate, but they can also generate a greater value. For example this might be the ability to quickly familiarize with the work, perform more efficiently and quickly reach a conclusion. In the long run, this consultant will be cheaper to employ than someone with a lower hourly rate.

But we should never generalize either. Each assignment is unique and we always look for the solution that creates the greatest value for you as a procurer. 

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